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If you use Senuke you will have already noticed that you can load ready linking strategies as Senuke tng tempaltes inside the Campaign Wizard to save time and use Pre Made and proven linking strategies for Senuke Tng! in this post I will explain what they are, how to use them and at the end you can get 5 of my 8 Senuke Tng Templates I´m using for years now (Of course optimized for the new Senuke Version and its features)! I will explain them as well! Not already using Senuke tng – No problem try it risk free here!

Senuke Templates – What they are and how to use them?

Free Senuke Tng Templates

It is not hard to use the templates inside the Senuke software, just start the campaign wizard (not the Quick Setup) and click on “open” (See the pic on the right)!

Now you can choose between the standart templates already integrated into Senuke! After choosing one, you will see the different modules and linking shemes appear on the dashboard!

How to Install New Senuke Templates

This isn´t hard really! Just open the same window (by clicking on open) and copy the new templates into this folder! Now you just need to choose them to use them!

Create your own Linking Strategy Templates

Use the modules on the left to create your linking structur (But ensure to use the toolbox often to clean up your PC), afterwards simply click on Save and choose a folder and name! Of course, it needs some time till you know about the results your own templates are able to offer!

Senuke Tng Templates Free Download

Ensure toshare this post on Facebook or Twitter in order to download my exclusive and testen Senuke Tng Templates Pack completely free! These are all templates I´m using except my 3 secret linking strategies I´m using for direct traffic & profits! Below you will find some tips how to use them correctly!

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Ensure to use Right Click => Download As to save my template pack on your desktop!

Click here to download!

How to use my templates correctly?

Article Mega Drip – This is a long term linking strategy I´m using for my money sites over a long period of time! TO extend this time even more I´ve used the new waiting module, using this it is possible now to create links to article directories after posting articles there! To use this template right I suggest to create high quality content for the article and social network module! For teh rest just use highly spun bookmarking content with your keywords embeeded!

Fast Pdf Traffic – This template was created to fast promote a product launch hijacking the PDF and Doc sharing site authority! Ensure to create a powerful review/tutorial about the product witha  strong call to action! For the other modules you need related articles promoting your documuntes! (The Company_NewsTraffic Template is similar to distribute Press releases!)

Fast Links Template – This template is perfect to build fast links to your guestposts, articles on other sites, videos on youtube and much more! Almost no content needed!

BigIMpact – This is my favorite template for a hugh content distrubution campaign! Lots of interlinking, only a few high quality backlinks pointing to your moneysite but transfering lots of authority and more!

So, for what are you waiting for? Share this post now and download my exclusive tempalte pack for Senuke Tng!

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