Senuke Review – Shocking Facts & Exclusive Bonus

Hello and welcome to my SEnuke Review – Ensure to read the entire Review to unreveal some shocking facts about this link building software and to find out how to use it correctly (Its a powerful tool but can be missused faster than you think)! My Name is Ben and I´m working online for more than 10 years now! I first came accros SEnuke aprox. 2009, these days it was not compareable to the new SEnuke Tng but already a leading link building software I´ve used for years now! Watch this Senuke Review & Tutorial Video to see it in action :

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Senuke Review – What SEnuke does for you?

Senuke reviewWho doesn’t want to enhance the ranking of their website on well-known search engines along with a high ranking on google page? Definitely everyone would love to. In order to achieve that position in the web world, one has to take effort and take utmost care in using a lot of effective key words, SEO campaign and building links.

This will help in having a strong presence in the online world. There are of course many tools available online that help you to do link building, optimize your SEO campaign and also an appropriate key word search. One of the powerful online software available is SEnuke TNG. This is an effective and simpl to use link building tool.

SEnuke was launched in 2008. Ever since, it has become the number one Senuke Tng Reviewsoftware in the world in link building. SEnuke TNG can give your website or blog first page ranking in Google faster no matter how tough the keyword may seem.

This wonderful software has brought a big revolution in SEO software the way it builds links and it also tricks Google (If it is used that way – I recommend using it as advanced content distribution software). The company brought in a new version, which has a remodelled link building engine. This ensures that it develops highly efficient and professional link profiles.I´m using Senuke for a long time now, and the new version really is worth a look!

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Why SEnuke TNG is your best buddy online!

SEnuke TNG is a specialised tool that is fully compatible with Google’s up to date changes if it is used the right (See below how to do it). Hence this software can work for any website of any niche. The new version is totally updated with traffic metrics and site engagement. There are a number of aspects that SEnuke TNG covers that makes it the most trusted SEO software. Let us take a look at the new features SEnuke offers its users :

SEnuke – crowd searcher

The new version of SEnuke has efficiently utilized the feature of crowd searcher and has used a exclusive process that influences the metrics and crowd search visits. Many softwares still don’t have this feature.

SEnuke – Rank dominator

The latest version of SEnuke has many valuable features. These features help in increasing your website ranking. SEnuke uses media rich content, updates a number of social links, maximised SEO campaigning in addition to extra ordinary press releases.

SEnuke – Manages articles better

The new version of SEnuke TNG allows setting up contents for a specific forte and again using it for different campaigns. This special tool also has features to add, remove or alter content with a single click.

SEnuke – Spin Writer

With this awesome software, why not auto-spin the content by using the best spinner and spin rewriter? Unique Content is the first requirement for effective SEO Link Building, Senuke offers its own article spinner, but is compatible with the Best Spinner, SpinRewriter and Word AI!

SEnuke – advanced loop mode (Really Cool!)

You can loop a campaign using this special updated feature of loop mode. You can set up campaigns and loops can be scheduled. Additional content can be added to a new account. The process can be with a reduced cost and higher speed.

SEnuke – user friendly with easy interface

The complete software of SEnuke TNG can be used and understood easily.

SEnuke – Inbuilt Proxies

SEnuke TNG comes with a number of proxies. There is no need to buy an external proxy at any time.

Other features of this amazing tool are integrated blog network module. This lets you to integrate your blog and it can be managed from within the software.

The software offers verified proxies, unlimited email and ensures that the users get the highest profile list.

Blog Network Modul

Manage your Private Blog Network directly using SEnuke and completely integrate it into your linking strategy!

Powerful Macro Recorder

Just record the link building process on literary any site and show SEnuke how to build links for you! Now you can add any site you want to use for link building without any hassle! Start using high authority sites and high traffic sites like Medium etc.!

Pre-Made Linking Strategies

Not sure which linking strategy to use in order to get the best results? No problem! Senuke comes already fiilled with linking templates for small, normal and hugh link building campaigns! Just add your details and hit the go button!

Authority Profile Mode

In this mode SEnuke posts to the same profiles on a regular basis in order to build up authority and a following! Used the right way, this allone can drive massive traffic to you or your offers!

Advanced Linking and Keyword System

Now you can choose several different keyword categories and can define which category will be used how often! This way you can perfectly optimize your linking profile and anchor text profile!

You see, there are lot of new, interesting and powerful features you can utilize to promote your site and increase your rankings!

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Risks of Using SEnuke

In order to avoid problems with your Google rankings it is always needed to be careful with your link building strategy! It still is the same like before, provide useful, quality content and do not focus on quantity but on quality! Do not build 100s of Links in just days just pointing to your main sites, ensure to build links to links pointing to your site. Lets take a look at a few tips you should apply to avoid Google problems:

  1. Only build a  few Links per day, ensure that it looks natural! (It depends on your content of course, sites with 1000s of sites can build a way more links per day than sites with 1-2 pages!) -As you see the first results you can slowly increase the number of backlinks linking to your site!
  2. Only Use High Quality Content to really help your readers! THis will not only help to get better rankings, it can also drive direct traffic to your offers and your website! Soensure to really put some work into content!
  3. Media Rich Content is another important aspect, ensure toa dd pictures, videos , audiofiles or what ever to increase the value and the time a visitor spends on your content!
  4. Only use higly spun or completely unique content for the first level of links! Ensure to not only spin the words and sentence, but also the html tags and formatting!
  5. Build links on a regular basis. It makes no sense to build 1000s links today, and none tomorrow! This really looks strange for Google, believe me!

Over all: Use Senuke Tng to build high autority website with regular content updates. Put effort into your content and create content for People, not for search engines! Dripfeed your campaigns and link mainly to satelite sites!

Click Here to Test Drive This Software Completely Risk Free!

SEnuke Pricing and Bonus

The Senuke Tng Single Lizence can be bought for just 97USD per Month (There is a discount right now)! If you are serious about linkbuilding you can also purchase a 3 Software lizence for just 147USD!

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As first bonus, I will not only post up to 10 articles to my private blog network with a do follow link pointing to your site. I will also build massive second tier links to your articles to drive real traffic to your site! My Blog Network is not the biggest (Just a few sites) therefor with high authority and real traffic!

Bonus #2 -Authority Traffic – Advanced Traffic Strategies (at least 27 USD Value)

Follow these advanced Traffic Strategies and start getting more highly targeted visitors in just minutes from now! You also learn how to maximize your visitor value and return massively!

Bonus #3 – My private SEnuke Tng Linking Templates

Get the exact templates I´m using to drive direct traffic to my website using PR and PDF, my Direct Affiliate Promo Template to promote products without creating your own website and my advanced bookmarking template I use to bookmark and index new blog posts and content sites! Just plug them into your software and start seeing your rankings go though the roof!

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How to Get Your SEnuke Tng Review Bonus

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