Senuke Tutorial – Authority Link Profile and Campaign Loop

In this short post I will explain the campaign loop and authority profile feature inside Senuke Tng! Lets have a look at the campaign loop feature first!

Senuke Tng Campaign Loop

If you are managing many websites or seo clients, it would be nice to set up a campaign once and let them copy itself over and over again, right? As Senuke gets its content from many different sources and supports internal spinning, there is no need to care about content (Of course, you should ensure that you only use high quality content) yourself! Now Semnuke tng has the option to do exactly this: You create a campaign and let it run, as soon as it is finished it will copy the settings, get new content, and start again! Used the right way this can take away a lot of work from you!

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Senuke Tng Authority Profiles

This is an addon to the campaign looping feature you can use to not create new social profiles over and over again, but to post content on a recurring basis to your satellite sites!

Senuke Authority AccountsThis will not only build quality links if done right, it will also create additional search engine rankings with real authority – on autopilot! This way you can have a  few quality content sites pointing to your money site with regular content updates. Belive me it won´t take long and you see increased rankings as well as real, targeted traffic!

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These are two powerful Senuke features if they are used properly! Ensure to follow these tips to avoid problems:

  1. Only use a few sites to link to your money sites and in loop/authority mode! best to use are Social Networks or WordPress, limit the site amount to just a few, lets say between 4 – 10 sites!
  2. Only use highly spun, original content! Ensure to spin your content at least at the sentence and paragraph level, with 3 variations each! (Use the Best Spinner or Article Rewriter to ensure error free spin syntax)
  3. Dripfeed your content and link building over a long period of time! This way you do not need to create too much high quality content. On the other site, posting new, quality content often will massively increase your results!
  4. The most links should point on your authority sites/blogs in 2-3 tiers! Here you also should use quality, higly spun content for best results!
  5. Add different videos and pictures to your articles in order to increase the time people spend on your satelite sites, this will help your rankings and bring you more traffic too!

If you follow these rules, and build backlinks to your satelites, you will soon see an increase in traffic and rankings!

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